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Optimize your images automatically with the Optimole plugin for WordPress

Why use Optimole ?

Optimole is your all-in-one image optimization solution for WordPress & beyond. It processes your images in real time and it’s fully cloud-based (doesn’t strain your server). Optimole goes a lot further than any other tool in the market:


Optimole takes your images and optimizes them automatically


Serves images via a fast image CDN​


Picks the right image size for the visitor’s browser and viewport


Uses lazy loading to display the images

What happens once you
install Optimole

Instead of compressing images locally and then replacing them in your media library permanently, Optimole does everything in the cloud.

Once you activate the plugin, Optimole fetches your images and does all of its optimization magic in real-time.

Optimole always serves the perfection version of the image

Taking into account the visitor’s device, browser, and screen size.

This means that your visitor will always see the perfect version of the image that’s been tailor-tuned for them individually.

Your images will be served from a CDN and not from the main server

This reduces load times and your bandwidth usage.

Compressing images is just the tip of the iceberg. Optimole makes your website much faster overall!

Need more?

The free Optimole plugin allows you to optimize unlimited number of images in the limit of 1,000 visits per month.

If that’s not enough for you, consider one of our premium plans. Apart from the specs bump, you also get some cool additional features!