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Compress and optimize your images using Optimole.

The online image compressor from Optimole reduces your image file sizes without losing quality. Simply drag and drop your images, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You can upload up to 5 images at once, each up to 5MB, and we’ll process them in the Optimole cloud. After uploading, you can use our compare feature to see the difference between the original and optimized images.


Image compression is the process of making digital files smaller by encoding information with fewer bits. In simple terms, it means turning a large file into a smaller one.

Why Compress Images?

Image files can be quite large, especially those taken with a professional camera, which can be dozens of megabytes. Depending on your needs, these files may be too big. Compressing images helps save storage space and improves website loading speed without significantly compromising quality.

How Does the Optimole Image Compressor Work?

The Optimole Cloud uses smart compression algorithms to minimize the visual impact of the file size shrinking. Your images will be smaller and as close to the original quality.

The tool offers three levels of compression:

High: Maximum file size reduction with minimal visual impact

Medium: Balanced compression that preserves image quality and reduces file size

Low: Minimal compression to keep the highest possible image quality with some reduction in file size

Check out the Optimole WordPress plugin!


Optimole takes your images and optimizes them automatically


Serves images via a fast image CDN​


Picks the right image size for the visitor’s browser and viewport


Uses lazy loading to display the images

Effortless setup

Get started in minutes with our one-clicks-setup plugin. Enjoy automatic image optimization with zero manual intervention. Our free plan allows 1000 monthly visits. Upgrade anytime to suit your growing needs.

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