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Let’s compare Optimole with ImageKit

Optimole is your all-in-one image optimization solution for WordPress & beyond. It processes your images in real-time and is fully cloud-based (it doesn’t strain your server).


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At First Glance:

Optimole: Optimole stands out for its automated, efficient image optimization process, including real-time resizing, compression, and best format conversion based on the user’s device and browser. This approach, combined with its global CDN, facilitates fast and optimized image delivery, aiming to enhance website performance with minimal effort from the user.

ImageKit: ImageKit is a comprehensive image management solution offering real-time image optimization, transformation, and delivery. It caters to a broader range of needs, including advanced image editing and analytics. ImageKit is suitable for businesses looking for more control over their image processing and delivery, focusing on customization and detailed performance analysis.

Image Optimization Capabilities:

Optimole: Offers real-time image optimization, including resizing, compression, and format conversion, tailored to the user’s device. It excels in automating the optimization process to enhance website performance.

ImageKit: Specializes in real-time image optimization, resizing, and format conversion. It provides a similar level of automation in image optimization, focusing on improving website loading times.

Delivery and Performance:

Optimole: Utilizes a global CDN to deliver optimized images rapidly to users worldwide, ensuring enhanced performance and reduced latency.

ImageKit: It also employs a CDN for fast image delivery, emphasizing reducing image load times and improving overall website speed.

Advanced Features:

Optimole: Optimole goes beyond basic optimization with features like lazy loading, auto-scaling, smart cropping, and the best format selector. It also enables adding watermarks and filters and supports image offloading, enhancing website speed and user experience.

ImageKit: offers extensive editing tools such as overlays, text annotations, collaborative links, AI-powered search, and automated cropping. It is ideal for users who require advanced image manipulation and optimization capabilities.

Integration and Usability:

Optimole: Optimole offers seamless integration, especially with WordPress, and a user-friendly interface that streamlines the image optimization process for users of varying skill levels. It also supports HTML integration and custom integrations for added flexibility.

ImageKit: Offers easy integration with various web platforms and development environments, providing a user-friendly dashboard for managing image optimization settings.

Digital Asset Management:

Optimole: Features a comprehensive digital asset management system that allows for efficient management and access to images across multiple sites, enhancing organizational efficiency.

ImageKit: ImageKit’s DAM features provide a comprehensive and advanced solution for managing digital assets, offering tools for organization, collaboration, security, and integration that are essential for businesses managing large volumes of media. These capabilities make ImageKit a strong option for organizations that require extensive and sophisticated digital asset management functionalities.


Optimole: Offers a free plan that supports 1,000 monthly visitors for unlimited images and includes all features except the option to use a custom domain name. Additionally, there are scalable paid plans based on the number of visitors. This model allows for growth and flexibility, catering to small and large websites. The best part is that free and paid plans support unlimited sites and images.

ImageKit: ImageKit pricing includes a free tier with basic features and limited usage, as well as paid plans that scale based on image transformations, bandwidth, and storage needs. The service caters to various users with custom solutions for advanced requirements, from individuals to large enterprises. Prices increase with higher usage limits and additional features.


In conclusion, while Optimole and offer robust image optimization and delivery solutions, Optimole excels in automated optimization, ease of use, and performance-enhancing features like lazy loading and auto-scaling., on the other hand, stands out for its advanced image editing and manipulation tools, catering to users who need detailed control over their image assets. The choice between the two depends on whether the priority is streamlined, automated image optimization (Optimole), or comprehensive image management with advanced editing capabilities (ImageKit).

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“Easy set up and simple to use! Great result of picture optimization with direct speed – page load result, even in the free version. Works with NextGen Gallery and Facebook widgets. Helpful, fast and knowledgable support! Good job!”

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“If you’re after a faster website use this. The product is rock solid and so is the support team!”

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“This is so much easier than other image compression plugins. It does all the heavy lifting for you in the background, plus – it serves the images through a CDN for even better performance.”

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“This beat all other image optimizations plugins 100 times, as all optimization is done on the CDN rather on local image files.

I’ve 20.000 images multiplied with all the thumbnails making it a total of around 100.000. This plugin has an auto-setting so I basically don’t have to think about this.”

Jimmi NielsenDeveloper,

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