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Let’s compare Optimole with ShortPixel

Optimole is your all-in-one image optimization solution for WordPress & beyond. It processes your images in real-time and is fully cloud-based (it doesn’t strain your server).


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At First Glance:

Optimole: Offers real-time image optimization, CDN delivery, lazy loading, auto-scaling, and digital asset management. Its all-in-one approach ensures that images are optimized, stored, and delivered efficiently from a single platform.

ShortPixel: Specializes in image compression with support for lossy and lossless optimization. It focuses on reducing image file sizes and converting images to WebP format but lacks broader features like CDN delivery and digital asset management.

Adaptive Image Support:

Optimole: Optimole seamlessly integrates auto-scaling and adaptive image serving based on the user’s device, ensuring optimal size and resolution without additional plugins.

Shortpixel: In contrast, ShortPixel provides adaptive image support through a separate plugin called Adaptive Images WP Plugin. This plugin allows for image resizing and optimization based on the viewer’s screen size but requires an extra step for installation and configuration.

CDN Scalability:

Optimole: With no CDN traffic limits, it offers greater scalability and predictability in costs, especially for large-scale or rapidly growing websites. This unlimited bandwidth can accommodate spikes in traffic without additional charges or performance degradation.

ShortPixel: CDN delivery is available but requires installing an additional plugin (Adaptive Images WP Plugin), and there is a 150-500GB traffic limit depending on the plan. Websites with high traffic or many images need to monitor their usage to stay within this limit.


Optimole:  Offers a free plan that supports 1,000 monthly visitors for unlimited images and includes all features except the option to use a custom domain name. Additionally, there are scalable paid plans based on the number of visitors. This model allows for growth and flexibility, catering to small and large websites. The best part is that free and paid plans support unlimited sites and images.

ShortPixel:  Offers a free plan along with other options such as “one-time” or unlimited plans on a monthly or yearly basis with credit-based pricing. Users purchase credits consumed with each image optimization, which can be more cost-effective for sites with lower image optimization needs. However, the variety of plans may make choosing the most suitable one challenging.

Image Offloading and Digital Asset Management (DAM):

Optimole: Optimole supports image offloading, allowing you to store all your images on Optimole’s cloud (with the option to revert them to your site if needed) and save server space. Additionally, it provides a robust DAM system for centralized image management across multiple sites. With advanced image manipulation features like watermarks and filters, Optimole enables immediate image customization and optimization, enhancing efficiency and branding consistency.

ShortPixel: ShortPixel, primarily focusing on image compression, lacks a comprehensive Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This limitation means users cannot access or manage images across multiple sites from a single centralized dashboard. ShortPixel does not offer on-the-go image manipulation features like adding watermarks or filters, restricting the ability to customize and optimize images directly within the platform.


Optimole outshines ShortPixel with its integrated features like unlimited CDN bandwidth, image offloading, and digital asset management, all provided natively. These features enhance website performance and user experience while simplifying asset management. ShortPixel offers robust image compression and adaptive images but requires additional plugins for extended functionality. Optimole’s comprehensive approach, offloading, and management capabilities make it a more seamless and scalable solution for businesses prioritizing efficiency and growth.

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“Easy set up and simple to use! Great result of picture optimization with direct speed – page load result, even in the free version. Works with NextGen Gallery and Facebook widgets. Helpful, fast and knowledgable support! Good job!”

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“If you’re after a faster website use this. The product is rock solid and so is the support team!”

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“This is so much easier than other image compression plugins. It does all the heavy lifting for you in the background, plus – it serves the images through a CDN for even better performance.”

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“This beat all other image optimizations plugins 100 times, as all optimization is done on the CDN rather on local image files.

I’ve 20.000 images multiplied with all the thumbnails making it a total of around 100.000. This plugin has an auto-setting so I basically don’t have to think about this.”

Jimmi NielsenDeveloper,

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