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Digital Asset Management
Solution by Optimole

Optimole’s Digital Asset Management Solution: Effortless Control, Seamless Organization, and Simplified Media Management for Your Files

1. Upload and Store

Upload various types of assets and store them in a central location.

2. Manage and Edit

Manage assets within folders and edit them within Optimole.

3. Optimize

Serve optimized and responsive images using Optimole.

4. Deliver

Deliver optimized images via CDN from over 450 locations.

Organize Your Digital Assets Using Our Folder System

Categorizing your assets has always been a bit complex. With our folder and subfolder system, you can create customized hierarchies to match your needs, access images within each folder, create new folders or subfolders on the fly and directly upload images to maintain neatly organized digital assets.

Take Control of Your Image Assets with Customization

Optimole Digital Asset Management (DAM) empowers you to fine-tune your assets perfectly. Enhance your images with filters, adjust height and width, resize as needed, and brand them with watermarks. All this and more are easily accessible in Optimole’s intuitive one-click editing suite.

Image URLs

Receive ready-to-use URLs for fast, CDN-powered delivery, ideal for embedding and ensuring a smoother experience.

Search and browse

Optimole Search brings targeted asset discovery to your fingertips – No more endless scrolling, digging, or frustration.

Upload Multiple File Types

Manage various file types, including images, videos, audio, documents, and more, all from one central Optimole location.

Bulk Assets Moving

You can quickly move multiple files at once, greatly simplifying, rearranging, and categorizing large volumes of assets.

Upload, Store, and Manage Digital Assets Together in One Central Place

Optimole Digital Asset Management (DAM) revolutionizes how you manage web assets across multiple sites. It’s a centralized, user-friendly platform for effortless uploading, storing, and managing digital assets. Ideal for both single and multiple websites, Optimole simplifies your workflow by automatically organizing assets into domain-specific folders. This ensures easy access and efficient management.

Integrate with WordPress

Optimole seamlessly integrates with WordPress, providing direct access to your assets within the WordPress Blocks Editor and Elementor Editor. Edit, resize, and enhance images with ease. Organize diverse media types in a clean Cloud Library dashboard with folders for efficient categorization. Simplify your WordPress workflow and optimize content effortlessly with Optimole’s intuitive integration and Cloud Library.

Simplify, Organize, Accelerate with Optimole DAM

Your digital transformation is just a click away. Let Optimole lift the weight of web chaos, leaving you with streamlined simplicity and a clear path forward.


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