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Enhancing Load Time and SEO for a Photography Website | Tellerrand-Stories Case Study

About Tellerrand-Stories

Tellerrand-Stories is an online magazine published in four languages ​​specializing in travel and food topics. It offers detailed reports, photos, and reviews as a source of information for readers, journalists, and travel professionals. Through Alamy’s international agency network, professionally captioned photos are offered on every topic. Tellerrand-Stories inspires future travel and culinary adventures and promotes understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

The Challenge: Images Weighing Down Performance

We at Tellerrand-Stories take pride in showcasing our stories with high-quality images. However, with a growing library of photos on each webpage, we encountered a significant challenge:

  • Slow Loading Times: Slow loading times were a major hassle due to many unoptimized images. This annoyed visitors and made the whole user experience a pain.

  • SEO Impact: Slow loading times significantly impact search engine ranking, resulting in struggles to achieve optimal organic visibility for Tellerrand Stories.

The Solution: Effortless Optimization with Optimole

In our journey to improve our website’s performance and user experience, Tellerrand Stories found Optimole, the complete image optimization solution. Optimole’s extensive features solved our problems and elevated our website’s functionality and appeal. Below are some features that helped us overcome our challenges:

  • Automatic Optimization: Optimole’s automatic image optimization feature was a game-changer for us. It seamlessly analyzed and optimized images in real-time, ensuring our website’s visuals were always optimized for speed and quality. This improved our page loading times and enhanced the overall user experience by delivering crisp and fast-loading images.

  • Image Watermarking: Protecting our valuable images was crucial as a content-focused website. Optimole’s built-in watermarking feature allowed us to add custom watermarks to our images effortlessly. This safeguarded our visual content and added a professional touch to our brand identity, enhancing credibility and trust among our audience.

  • Smart Lazy Loading: One of the standout features of Optimole was its smart lazy loading capability. Images were intelligently loaded only when they were about to enter the viewport, optimizing initial page load times and reducing bandwidth usage. This improved the website’s performance and contributed to a smoother browsing experience for our visitors.

  • Fast Image CDN: Optimole’s integration with a fast image CDN was a game-changer for our global audience. By serving images through a high-speed content delivery network, Optimole ensured that our photos loaded quickly regardless of the visitor’s location. This eliminated geographical latency issues, providing a consistent and fast user experience worldwide.

These features, tailored to the needs of content-rich websites like ours, made Optimole an indispensable tool in our website optimization strategy. It streamlined our image management process and contributed significantly to our website’s performance, user engagement, and overall success.


Since implementing Optimole, we at Tellerrand-Stories have witnessed a dramatic improvement in our website’s performance:

  • Faster Loading Times: Page load times have significantly decreased, leading to a more enjoyable user experience for visitors.

  • Improved SEO Ranking: With faster loading times, Tellerrand-Stories has seen a noticeable rise in its search engine ranking, attracting more organic traffic.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Optimole’s automated optimization process has freed up valuable time and resources for the Tellerrand-Stories team.

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