Expert Setup Service

We offer a professional setup performed by a dedicated engineer adapted to your website to unlock its maximum performance.

  • Optimized setup configuration for Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin.
  • Cloudflare account setup tailored for Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin.
  • Website audit and performance recommendations for your website setup and hosting service.
  • Significant speed improvement, confirmed by post-optimization testing comparing Core Web Vitals before and after optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being an ad-hoc service adapted to your website we don’t provide any refund once the setup has been started. For more details read our Terms and Conditions.

Projects will start in about 5-10 days and will be completed in a maximum of 20 working days(depending on project complexity and our workload).

Before and during the project we will require:

  • Your site to run the latest WordPress version along with all installed plugins and the theme to use their up-to-date version.
  • Your site is not broken (e.g. rendering issues, fatal errors, or similar) at the project start
  • Your site is running on at least PHP7.4 and using HTTP/2.
  • Your site’s DNS is hosted and configured on Cloudflare.
  • No development work is being done by you or 3rd parties (content editing is OK) during the project.

Please have in mind that this is not a development or customization service, it’s a professional setup for Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin adapted to your site.

During the entire project, we will communicate via email to allow for consistent communication. In this way, we make sure to keep you updated with the changes that we do, and in the end, you have all the progress in the email thread.

No, this is just a setup service and does not include a Cloudflare Pro subscription, but we will highly recommend you to take the Cloudflare Pro subscription for better cache lifespan, better security (WAF), and much more.

Yes, you might need to. If you have an eCommerce website, we will highly recommend you to use the Cloudflare Worker mode for handling cache logic. It is fully compatible with our plugin but Cloudflare Worker is not 100% free. It provides 100,000 requests/day for free after which it is chargeable. Check: